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And God said to Noah: ‘There’s gonna be a flood!’

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Two thousand years on from Noah’s biblical event, flooding is still an issue faced by many – residential and commercial properties as well as whole communities.

Now, the threat of flooding is increasing with climate change, and the consequences are becoming greater each year.

Conventional methods of flood control, such as sandbags, are no longer suitable to meet the needs of those at risk due to their lack of availability, their lengthy deployment time and the manpower required to install such systems – plus the the problem of their disposal when contaminated after use.

In a flooding situation there is a need for a quick, simply installed solution, one which is not offered by many conventional systems.

Research into the methods required to properly protect properties has enabled UK Flood Control Limited to offer a complete range of flood protection products, which include individual door barriers and air vent covers from Floodgate. It’s a water-inflated system designed to protect everything from individual doorways to entire buildings – and even the possibility to protect a whole community from flooding.

The system is available only through UK Flood Control Limited.

As well as the supply of barriers, a full emergency installation service is available to ensure that properties are protected as quickly as possible. This is mainly for the elderly and impaired who, without assistance, may struggle to install suitable flood protection equipment.

Even if floodwater has entered a property before a barrier is installed, once the barrier is in place the removal of the floodwater can begin straight away, rather than waiting for the floods to subside. The result is less damage and the drying-out process can get underway, allowing the occupants of the property to move in sooner, compared with conventional methods.

UKFC’s Emergency Flood Protection Scheme Communities and organisations such as local councils and fire departments have the option to join the company’s Emergency Flood Protection Scheme, which is the first available in the United Kingdom.

For a small monthly standby charge, flood protection barriers can be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The scheme includes a rapid response to the flood area and a speedy deployment to ensure that maximum protection is provided, thus reducing damage to property.

The scheme is also available for other incidents, such as large-scale chemical spills and pollution control.

WIPP™ System barriers are available in a range of heights and lengths, along with sufficient pumps and piping to enable the rapid deployment of the barriers.

Once the system is inflated, the pumps can be used elsewhere in the area to control the floodwater.

When the scheme is activated, full training is provided to the officials who would be responsible for managing the areas in flood.

This training covers areas such as the safe installation of barriers, repair and removal of the barriers, and the health and safety issues associated with flooding.

Flood awareness courses can be arranged so that everyone is aware of how to respond in a flood situation.

The Emergency Flood Protection Scheme is a cost-effective scheme offering peace of mind all year round from flooding and other liquid-related incidents.